Sunday, August 21, 2016

Can you TRAIN a killer? Or are they born?

D. Odell Benson


I ran across this author on Facebook writing a story that was blowing my mind ON FACEBOOK. She was giving herself away. Her story enticed me and we clicked. That was in March 2016. I felt the need to read more of her writings so I purchased her book, I am glad I did.  I purchased her book in May 2016 and finally began my sleep deprived read of “My First Kill”.

Matt is out rage ous... the funniest part of this book to me is the concern for hygiene, yes mouth hygiene?!?!?

Seriously, it goes to show you that if you train a child, whatever you show him is what they will do…not what you say but what they see. When they went stomping through my old hood of Chi-town I perked up. I have a cousin named TJ, and my dad was Pop’s to his working buddies…all I gotta say is “Are we related?”

Benson weaves a tale that made me shiver to my bones and made me late for work one day because I overslept. I read two or three books at a time, but post them in the order I finish. I read this one on my phone, my computer and my iPad. I finished this book before I was supposed to. I am waiting on the sequel.

I will buy the next one.

You need to get this one.

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