Sunday, September 11, 2016

So I met this guy.

Yes my husband knows all about it. He wrote a book. Now I am brutally honest. So here goes. I don't like the book. But that is the last negative thing I will say.

This author is great. He is graphic, descriptive, imaginative and most of all talented. I had to finish it even though the genre is way beyond me. 

(I have issues they go deep and wide, often I am called strange. But I am pretty and I don't mind keeping my mouth shut so you won't know these issues are contagious.)

Back to the book...

Soul Stealers is about dead people... I have always had a problem with dead people and death and all that kinda thing. The theory introduced here is intriguing and tantalizing. I am sure it will keep you up at nights for a plethora of reasons. The reason it kept me up is because it is well written and beautifully developed but most of all it but the Thrill in Thriller. 

Great job Steve! 

I suggest you guys pick up this book asap. I only see it in Paperback but here is the link.

Amazon Paperback
Amazon Paperback

Now that all the T H R I L L E R stuff is out of the way, let's talk about me...

I am need to sell some books, I am thinking you want to read some books. What an excellent match. So you have options, you can purchase one now or you can wait until my next giveaway. Either way you must act now.

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Go now and put it on your calendar

Until next time...


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