Sunday, November 6, 2016

So much loss in such a short timeframe...

In the last three weeks,  I have lost three family members. 

I am wondering if you can run out of tears like you run out of sugar? Or dishwashing liquid? Or air? I feel like I am running out of air. 

When special people are around you, you; you breath different. Your breath is easy, you find your anxiousness at abeyance. Once you are positive you will never see them again, you have one less reason to inhale. 

I want you to cherish every moment you share with anyone you care for, and even those you are no longer fond of. Once they are permanently removed from your life your breath pattern changes. Trust me. I have too much experience with this fact of life.

While I am here, I want to remind you to purchase a book or two. Below you will find a video to convince you "ya wanna do this"

Soon I will return to reviewing books. Yours could be the next one on the list. 


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