Sunday, June 26, 2016

I was Forbidden to write about Fragile by Drew Sera… don’t ask me why.

This is my newest edition to The Solomon Sisters trilogy book cover. You want to read it?

I would too. As soon as it is released, I will let you know until then. Here are other books I have read and enjoyed. I hope you will enjoy them also.

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Ask Mzz Dunning ( about Fragile by Drew Sera. I was forbidden to write one word about that book. But apparently on July 6th 2016 I can say whatever I want to say. If you haven’t read it you may want to before then. I could add a spoiler or two to mess with your head. Until then let me tell you about a man and his ship.  

The Assiduous Quest of Tobias Hopkins: The Complete Novel

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I love romance! Well this romance is about a man who loves his history, his ship, the sea and his men. My oh my Mr. James Faro I can only give you 5 stars, and would gladly go take a star away from many stories to tell you how I was self-absorbed. It was tough not to take my meds (as I had bronchitis with a herniated disc). This was a challenge since coughing was not allowed and the cough medication made me very sleepy. I went to sleep twice holding my tablet because I wanted to know who did what to whom and when…nope I am not a spoiler kinda gurl. I will tell you that the flow keeps you in the moment without repeating itself as many authors feel the need to do. When you are mesmerized, you don’t need to fluff words to make a novella into a novel. You simply put excellent dialogue into a setting that makes you comfortable and you do this after you are well informed and your subject matter is researched to the ‘th degree. All of these things come into play with a carefully worded plot and unpredictable ending. Some of the characters make you a bit edgy, but the right ones come around making you love them.

Well done and thank you for the opportunity to read such an excellent storyline. It’s truly has been a while since I read (and enjoyed) a squash buckler. I would do it all again. My question is always “is there a sequel?” “If so, when. No really, when?” 
Thank you for dropping by, see you next week.

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