Sunday, July 3, 2016

JESSie likes Liliah's style

Reading is my life, 
while writing is my career. 

Writing is getting in the way of my reading. 

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                I love romance with suspense and maybe some exotic, erotica. This story was direct and cuts to the core of every high school girl who doesn’t want peer pressure to eliminate her from the “IN CROWD”. Yet we all have those hidden what if, I wish, if only; thoughts that we just don’t share.
                Sophie dreams to share these thoughts with someone, better yet live them. But what will they (her friends) think of her if she voices her inner most desires?  “My girlfriends would whisper in disapproval ‘Oh my gosh, Sophie you’re such a slut!’”

                By the time Sophie gets into her dreams, desires or what we may say EXACTLY what we all wanted. The story is over. It is such a quick read, such a roller coaster, you will get back in line to ride again.

                Lilah leaves your imagination wanting more. Come prepared for results, but she has told me unequivocally, “THERE WILL BE NO SEQUAL”. So, to Lilah I say “boo”…we want more of Sophie.

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Stoker Ace

                I love romance with suspense and maybe some exotic, erotica. However I am a straight laced, good ole’ fashion gurl.  If there are three people in the room (more less the bed), I am none of them. However, this author had me at “The man loosened his tie as if he was physically suffocating with the drama. He ran his hand through his dark hair and attempted to cut into the girl’s tirade, but she didn’t give him that chance, interrupting him with a sharp gesture of her hand.” 

                Evan is the manly-man all-powerful and strong. However, this tiny woman; Annabelle flicked her wrist and he became silent. Now you must ask is this by will, by training or by design. I won’t tell. I love the interaction and exchange between the two night owls. You will enjoy the third parties strategic observations and interactions. No spoilers here, you must figure out who wins, loses and who is really in charge during this short novella.

                So, we ask ourselves what is the real hook in this book. Is Annabelle to strong and Evan too weak? Are they fit to continue as they are or is there change on the horizon? Simply ask yourself who’s in charge in your life.

                Lilah leaves your imagination wanting more. Come prepared for results.



Unorthodox Therapy


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