Sunday, July 10, 2016

Are we alike? You will be surprised...


I am not politically correct by any means. The one little filter that tells your mouth how to sweeten a remark is missing. It I am often quiet “at the oddest” times. Only because my mom told me to keep my mouth shut if you do not have anything nice to say.

Well Ruby is just the opposite, she smiles and 'day dreams' the things that I would verbalize (but should not say). Until one day…

I will tell you there is a happy conclusion to this book. I hope there is a sequel in the short story because I want to know exactly what happens next. I will tell you Monica Handy has a talent for words. I will tell you her imagination (both of them) is limitless. But I wont tell you the plot or give away any spoilers. Get your own copy. I will not even lend you mine because #Indiewriters must eat also.

Buy this book it is a quick pick you up with a twist and turn and a bump you up. But don’t get me twisted. You will NOT roll over Ruby she has pizzazz. You won’t soon forget her. (Ruby or Monica)

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