Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Lady's First Choice

K. K. Harris is very talented. She blogs, she writes, she does these things with pictures and my o my

I read this novel in the order that it came into my life. Somewhere around May when I was headed to an island to relax. I found myself disappointed I didn’t download another of her books. I really try to read them in the order I get them for review…sometimes I buy them, sometimes they are given to me; other times I am required to read them as part of my job.

This one was just for fun, I chose it and I loved it.

Megan v Tre?  With the one you think you can trust to mess up exactly what you are building. Seriously, no seriously…

The theory of First Lady across all guise’s of first ladies is “she’s tight with God, she don’t have any worries”. Truth be told, in real, real life the devil messes with the “pillars of faith” more than the s”aints” because they are trying. {Aren’t they?}

Because the pace is fast and the foundation is set you find yourself at the end of the book and…you want another one. The sequel?!?!?

Find out for yourself:

I promise you will love this one…it is a collaboration and K. K. put her words with six other authors stirred the pot. Out jumped:

Collaboration in Motion

 This book is available for pre-sale right now. Share it with those you know on the very day it will download. 

See I am writing...


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