Sunday, October 2, 2016

Just another day in the Neighborhood

Catching up on my obligations.

I was forbidden to write about this book way back when. I am cleaning up and straightening out my closet (i.e. computer) as we prepare to move. I am finally down to ten books and will slowly start to add more. I've returned four books in the last seven months for various reasons. 

Please, please. please if you are an author, keep writing and do NOT let someone talk you out of your original ideas. Write what you know, what you feel and do not let someone edit you out of what your voices in your head tell you to write. 

Now this lady, imagination and all has my attention. I hope one day to just hangout. You want to read this book, and as I have the second one but haven't "got'aroun'2'it yet. But soon gurlfriend.  

Questions are answered about the underworld of BDSM that proved how wrong I was about so much. Who is really in control when you play these games?


My vocabulary expanded with information that hooked me in reading this novel. I enjoy reading I don’t always know how to say what I am reading. So I will say this “I am buying the next book”.

Thank you for educating me. Thank you for giving me ideas for our next vacation.

Just in case you didn't know about my softer side. I was asked to collaborate with six other women and write. Let the voices in my hear sing loud and share HOPE.

 This book is available for pre-sale right now. Share it with those you know on the very day it will download. 



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  1. Thanks Jessie Nw for your kind words. I'm beyond thrilled at this book has opened the road up for misconceptions to be cleared up. Thank you so much!